Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Burns files for his fourth term

He's done it. It's official. Conrad Burns has filed for his fourth term in Congress. I've said this before, but I think Burns running is the best thing that could happen to the Democrats in an essentially conservative state.
“I think it will be a race,” Burns said in an interview. “I think it will be very interesting. I think it will be mostly fun. I'm looking forward to it.”
Me, too! And so are state Dems:
...[S]tate Democratic Party spokesman Matt McKenna said, “We're glad he's in the race, too. Maybe now he'll start talking about his record. We've been anxious to have this debate and he's been ducking it for months.”
Incidentally, Sen. Burns had this to say for himself:
Burns, who sits on the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee, said he is responsible for bringing more than $2 billion in federal money to Montana during his career.
I'll give this to the Senator: he's worked hard. He took on that second job with lobbyist Jack Abramoff despite the already heavy workload that belongs to a Senate seat. Let's hope he's paying Montana state taxes on that extra income. It should be quite a sum.
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