Sunday, February 26, 2006


Burns, the GOP, and Bush

A few weeks ago, I speculated that Burns' running ads against the Abramoff attacks was against the best interests of the Republican party:
Why would any sane person want to attract attention to himself when there’s so much evidence piled against him? Surely the Republican Party wants us all to forget about Abramoff, not let itself embroiled in a he-said-she-said shouting match the party can’t win. I think the GOP wants to abandon Burns. Let’s face it, they need a fall guy for Abramoff, someone to indict and convict so they can say, “well he was the guy who took money from Jack,” and let the animus fall squarely and solely on that sucker’s head, diverting attention away from the fact that Abramoff’s illicit dealing was one of the foundations of the party’s current power grab. And who better than some hick Senator with low poll ratings who nobody’s ever heard of and who sits on a bunch of low-level and relatively unimportant committees... If Burns resigns the only people rejoicing more than Montanans would be the RNC. Burns’ resignation would allow a new conservative candidate free from the whiff of scandal run in a very conservative state. They could also crucify the Senator, let him dangle once he’s out of government and powerless to retaliate. Only he won’t back down. He knows his only chance to stay out of jail is to win another term in the Senate. Republican Party be d*mned.
Conrad Burns re-filed for his Senate seat, and he's enlisted Dinky to help raise funds for his upcoming race - a thousand bucks just to walk in the door, twenty grand to get your photo snapped with the president. That's right, the least-popular president in the last century campaigning for the nation's most unpopular Senator. One wonders if there was a typo in the announcement, twenty grand to not have your photo taken at the event with either Burns or Bush. And now, Matt Singer mentions some gossip he heard in DC this week:
Burns was not supposed to file for that Senate seat unless his internals are showing more of a boost than the public numbers are. Maybe his polling is better than the public figures. I doubt it.
Is it a coincidence that, at the same time he announced his fundraiser with Bush, that the GOP appears to be set to abandon the prez over Portgate? Can it be a coincidence that Burns is "undecided" about the sale of six US ports to the UAE, when every other politician with a pulse is throwing Dinky under the bus? Looks like Burns is hitching his trailer to the president.
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