Friday, February 17, 2006


Creepy: Jack Wells, R-Bozeman

This week's Missoula Independent has a nice blurb on state representative Jack Wells' introduction of a "right-to-work" bill (shelved before leaving committee) that would have prohibited "making union membership a condition of employment" at workplaces. In other words, bye-bye unions. I'll post more on the bill, the organization that sponsors it, and unions later, but today I want to talk about the bill's sponsor, Jack Wells. The name sounded familiar, so I looked up his past legislation, and whoo-boy! Is this guy a right-wing extremist! Besides hating workers, he supports militias (that's sooooo 90s!) and concealed weapons (take that, copper!), and likes the word "squaw." He's armed, angry, and hates government! Ugh.
I believe that it is a right to work for less law, Dearie.
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