Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Dems: Weak on security? Or just plain weak?

So it looks like the Dems are going to back down on Bush's illegal wiretapping. According to Walter Shapiro on Salon, the Dems don't want to look "weak on security." Digby, as always, nails it:
Every time the Democrats first speak out strongly and then fall in behind Republicans on national security like this, selling out their principles and the deep concerns of their constituents, they reinforce the image that there is nothing the Democrats are willing to fight for and the national security vote goes to the Republicans who have shown they are willing to fight for everything.
And guess what? Americans want somebody to stand up for their rights.
The polls today show that more than half of the country believes the president broke the law with this program and that it was wrong for him to have done it.
Here, in his conclusion, Digby says it better than I ever could:
If the Democrats in congress simply stood together on principle instead of listening to overfed, out of touch strategists who have misdiagnosed the problem for years, they would begin to crawl out of this hole on national security. In order for the nation to trust them to defend the country the first thing they must do is stop believing that going along with the Republican Eunuch Caucus will ever improve their lot. People trust leaders who lead not followers who fall in line.

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