Monday, February 20, 2006



Bozeman Daily Chronicle ran an article from GOP-spokespers—er, columnist, Tamara Hall this Friday. Jeff at Speedkill destroys Hall with some facts and a pinch of reason. John at Blogenlust reveals the new secret weapon proposed by the Department of Homeland Security for protecting our children from terrorists: school bus drivers! (We’re screwed.) MyDD defends the left blogosphere from the Hotline. Another shot across the bow from a leaky tub bound for the scrap heap. Former public editor of The New York Times, Daniel Okrent, admitted that “poor press coverage” led to the Iraqi war: “ time of war editors [wear] epaulettes on their shoulder...” Homeland security gets busy defending Americans from Internet porn. Halliburton wins contract to reconstruct Cheney’s reputation! Of course, with Halliburton’s track record, that’s good news for progressives. Ed Kemmick comments on the appetite of Burns' staff. Hint: it's big.
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