Wednesday, February 22, 2006



If you didn’t see Letterman’s “Big Bowl of Bad,” watch it. I love it when the late-night shows hammer on the administration – and this is a hammmering, folks – it shows that the issues and facts are filtering through... Viva capitalism! In other news, Pat Buchanan’s panties twist in a knot. Get your tin-foil hats ready: 9-11 – a Conspiracy (Theory?) Before you get too caught up, check out Popular Mechanics rebuttal to 9/11 conspiracy theories. British authorities don’t like it when you participate in political theater. Ann Coulter is a cancer, an extremist wingnut whose violent fantasies should embarrass the television personalities she hangs out with. Arianna sums up the statements Coulter made and questioned why Sean Hannity has her on his show. Yes, Sean. Why?
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