Thursday, February 23, 2006



Woodward hopes – er, thinks – Cheney will run for prez in ’08. Ugh. According to a reporter in Iraq, civil war is imminent. Oops. New entries in the Republican-English Dictionary. Ha! Okay, not only is selling U.S. port terminals to DP World without a 45-day investigation hypocritical and financially sketchy, it’s illegal. Incidentally, WaPo’s Meyerson agrees with me: “What's clear is that neither the task of building democratic nations around the world nor ensuring secure ports and cities here at home is our primary national purpose. Our mission is to maximize shareholder value.” Sirota riffs on the idea that Portgate demonstrates corporate control over Bush. Grr. Here we go: the right begins its attack on choice. Uh oh. The end of neoconservatism and manicheanism? Hm.
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