Friday, February 24, 2006



Paul Peters of the Missoula Independent thinks Racicot’s opposition to a federal compensation package for Libby asbestos victims is the end of his political career. In other news, Racicot was seen giggling to himself as he entered the lobby of a Washington DC bank. A watchdog group questions the legitimacy of Florida’s 2004 election results. Listen! That’s the sound of one hand clapping... You think I’m mad about this port-selling thing? You ain’t seen nothin’. Sirota points out that a GAO report expressed concern that federal pursuit of profit impeded national security. Anyone want to get involved on an over/under on how long before the GAO is gutted? We shouldn’t let these people raise adopted children! The children will grow up with too many developmental and psychological issues and will be a burden on our society for years to come. That’s right, don’t let Republicans adopt! U of Montana students’ identities are for sale in the campus face book.
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