Tuesday, February 28, 2006



Even the Cunning Realist is sucked into contemplating the Olympics. His thought? Maybe Bode Miller is the perfect icon for 2006 America... Bush drops to 34% approval rating. It astonishes me that 1 out of 3 Americans think he’s doing a good job. Indie rockers reject big bucks from Hummer. Daily Kos hops on the Tester train. Follow the links to contribute. You know you’re someone when you’re the recipient of an open letter! Cheney to resign? The federal government spends as much on port security as it does on abstinence-only education. Why do U.S. troops hate America? Seventy-two percent of soldiers in Iraq believe we should “exit the country within a year.” Harper’s Magazine calls for the impeachment of George Bush. You’ve gotta see the cover...it gave me goose bumps... Tom Delay used the IRS to punish an opposition group.
The federal government spends as much on port security as it does on abstinence-only education.

And indeed, they both work so well ...
Hey! A comment! That appeared in the blog!

I'm really shocked by these figures. Seriously. That the administration cares as much about teen sex as it does security...ugh...

BTW, I'm gonna get something going about sex based on the Brokeback comments you posted, Wulfgar! We'll get to the bottom of this sex thing...
I would posit that there are two ways to view this: 1) The Bush admin cares as much about security as they do teen-sex (which really makes you question how they spend their days ...) and 2) that they care as little about people being slaughtered as they do about people being people (engaging in life-affirming and creative activity). I sincerly think that the second view is accurate, and much more unsettling.
What is with the unhealthy obsession with other people's sex lives?

Do you think it is possible for government to stop imposing it's beliefs on our kids?

IMHO, most children are not ready to choose sex or religion until after they become adults anyway.
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