Friday, February 17, 2006


Montana GOP circulates incorrect Abramoff numbers to state newspapers

In the Missoula Independent John Adams writes about a letter the paper's staff recieved from Chuck Denowh, executive director of the Montana Republican Party. It was a reprint of a letter printed in the Helena Independent Record that claimed "Most Democrats, 90 percent, took Abramoff-related cash."
The problem is, the letter’s numbers don’t seem to jibe with published reports. For instance, John Kerry is identified as the recipient of $98,550 in “Abramoff-related” booty; the nonprofit Center for Responsive Politics puts the Kerry total at $500. The Center also puts Conrad Burns at $55,000, not the widely reported—by us, among other— $150,000. [snip] Denowh told the Independent he made no effort to verify the facts laid out in Baraby’s letter before circulating it. “I assumed that if the Helena Independent Record had printed it, that was good enough for me,” Denowh said Tuesday.
The author of the letter, Chuck Baraby, said
he got his information from a Jan. 6 article on, a conservative news website. That article cited the Republican National Committee as the source of the information.
Got that? The Montana GOP is circulating false Abramoff statistics whose source is the GOP... Still, with Burns lagging in the polls behind Morrison and tied with Tester, it's pretty obvious that the Abramoff scandal is affecting him badly in the state. With tactics like these from the GOP, that shouldn't change any time soon.
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