Thursday, February 23, 2006


New Hero: Justin Whitaker

Yesterday, Ed Kemmick posted a satire printed in the New York Observer: The Times Gets Tough: A New Public Editor! Meet Ali bin-Zabar. It's pretty inane and through parody declaims newspapers for not printing the Danish cartoons. In my usual way, I ranted against the hypocracy of editors and bloggers who scream First Amendment over the voluntary suppression of anti-Muslim content but remain mum when it comes to Holocaust denial. It wasn't a very good response. But this was:
I for one see no reason to publish the cartoons other than to flaunt our right to do so. The same goes with the details of holocaust denials or the graphic evidence presented at a rape trial. Sensitivity has its merits. On the other hand I am glad for the coverage this issue (along with David Irving’s) has received. I’m a fairly staunch believer in John Stuart Mill’s ‘marketplace of ideas’ where we freely and openly express ourselves and hear others. Thus I think there is a double-standard in play in Europe, allowing these cartoons while not allowing Irving to air his views freely. Holocaust denial is just plain ludicrous (as are creationism, flat-earth theory, and Bush’s ‘trickle-down’ tax cuts), but democracies discredit bad ideas through dialogue, not censorship. Sadly, some people mistake sensitivity for censorship. Sensitivity leads to creativity (how do I get the substantive point across without going over the top) while censorship stifles it (’say nothing’).
When I move this blog off Blogspot, I'll have to start a Gallery of Heroes...
: ) thanks for the compliment. Keep up the great bloggin. - jw
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