Monday, February 27, 2006


This is what I like to hear!

From Jon Tester's website:
The question before us this primary season is this: what kind of Democrats do we want to send to Washington next January? Do we want Democrats who will bow down to the special interests that have corrupted our democratic process? Or do we want Democrats who will stand up to them and clean the halls of congress of crooks and influence-peddlers? Do we want Democrats who will continue to give the President a blank check for his misguided war in Iraq? Or do we want Democrats who will support our troops and lay out a plan to bring them home? ... Do we want Democrats who will accept the President’s spying program? Or Democrats who will trust in the wisdom of our forefathers and the Constitution and ensure that we protect our right against unreasonable searches and seizures? ... As a United States Senator from Montana, I will fight for the values and ideals we share. But winning will require all of us to take part — not just in the race in Montana, but in critical races all across the country. Because rebuilding Congress after more than a decade of Republican control and Republican corruption will require more than just a change in numbers — it will require changing the face of Washington. We can decide here and now that this election is going to be an earthquake that shakes the foundation of insider Washington. We can do that by sending new blood, and by sending candidates who are willing to fight and win for hardworking Americans. If you want an insider politician, you don’t want me. But if you want to move Washington, D.C. in a new direction, then I ask you to stand with me. Do everything you can to help us win. Join our campaign. Make a contribution. Ask your friends in Montana to get involved.
Yeah, baby! That's what I'm talking about! Update: There's a great interview with Tester at MyDD. Recommened reading, especially for you Montana voters. Anybody know of a similar resource for Morrison? That fella seems purty elusive, don't he?
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