Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Weak Dems find a backbone?

I guess not all ranking Dems are gutless. Senator Byrd wrote an impassioned attack on Bush's civil rights violations:
In the name of "fighting terror" are we to sacrifice every freedom to a President's demand? How far are we to go? Can a President order warrantless house-by-house searches of a neighborhood, where he suspects a terrorist may be hiding? Can he impose new restrictions on what can be printed, broadcast, or even uttered privately, because of some perceived threat to national security? Laughable thoughts? I think not. For this Administration has so traumatized the people of this nation -- and many in the Congress -- that some will swallow whole whatever rubbish that is spewed from this White House, as long as it is in some tenuous way connected to the so-called war on terror.
Before you jump up with pom-poms and praise the Senator, remember this: Byrd was the *sshole who led the revolt against an Alito filibuster. And Alito, a proponent of executive authority, will no doubt enable the administration's charge on civil liberties from his lifetime seat on the SCOTUS bench. Thanks, Senator! Too bad you didn't stand up to the Bush administration when it counted!
Byrd is also a former Klansman. Eew.
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