Monday, February 13, 2006


Welcome to "4&20 blackbirds"

You've reached a community blog dedicated to publishing the views of ordinary Montanans like myself. Hopefully in the upcoming weeks you'll hear from a variety of under-represented voices from the Missoula area. While I admit to my progressive leaning -- or extreme tilt as some would say -- I hope to provide posters from a well-rounded political spectrum. In the meantime, I thought I'd start out this blog with entries I posted over at Catch, hosted by good pal Kevin K., who let me use space on his website to publish my views. Most of these posts will give you insight into how I think about blogs, traditional media, and politics. Enjoy!
Touchstone, Cool stuff. Glad to see you're working locally. Good luck unseating Burns.
Ran across your blog hitting the random button at blogger. Really like it. I've got you on a shortcut so I'll be back.

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