Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Chuckle of the day...

A letter in today's Billings Gazette:
Montanans not helping others like they used to As a native Montanan, I am appalled at what I participated in last week. Driving up to a stop light on Grand & 17th, I saw a long line in the turn lane. so I switched lanes and proceeded. Three cars back from the light, a car was stalled with the hood up and a woman was inside looking a bit frustrated. As I drove past, I noticed the impatience and irritation on the drivers' faces behind her as they were trying to get around the stalled vehicle. She had obviously been there a while and I thought, "Why did no one else stop to at least push her car out of the way so that traffic could resume?" I thought back and realized that 15 years ago this would not have been so -- that by three or four cars realizing what had happened, she would have had help moving her car. So what has changed Montana? Have we had such an influx of people who have moved in from other major cities with that attitude that it has rubbed off on us, or have we allowed the increase of our pace of living to make us feel "too busy" to reach out a hand for two minutes for someone in need? Come on, Montanans, and let's fight to keep our standard of living here high and not lower ourselves to self-centeredness and not caring for our neighbors. Act like a Montanan and stop to help. Janee Weber Columbus
I love stuff like this! I'm always amused by "Native" bumperstickers and the attitude that everything's going to h*ll because of out-of-staters moving to Montana. Yet few people refuse to acknowledge that they, too, might be part of the problem, like in the case of this letter. Check out the emphasized text. Congratulations, Janee! Way to complain about the very thing you're doing!
I don't see how you write that letter and not notice.

Non-native Montanans who have lived here a while pick up this habit, too. Californians seem to be a frequent target.
To be fair to the writer, she did say "I was appalled at what I participated in..."
That letter truly is a riot, I'm still chuckling at its implications.

On a side note, last summer I spotted a couple in a parking lot sitting in the shade of their car with the hood up. I pulled up next to them, rolled down the window and asked if they needed help. The young lady walked over to my truck, obviously strung out on something probably meth, and told me that the car "did it all the time" and that they were fine. At that point I should've just drove off but I asked her if she was sure that they'd be OK and started prying a little deeper with regards to their automotive woes since I have a fair bit of mechanical know how. At that point the gal flipped out, called me a string of derogatory expletives, and told me to go and have sexual relations with myself, but not in those exact words. Gee, sorry I asked.

People like this are a big part of the reason why a lot of folks aren't as willing to stop and help anymore, I know I think twice unless it's an elderly person or someone that looks "friendly". Like most problems, it's a two way street.
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