Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Hero: Katie Kane

Yesterday about 300 people protested the war on the University of Montana campus. One of the speakers was UM English professor Katie Kane:
Katie Kane...used her invitation to speak to invoke the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. and his speech, “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence.” Her impassioned delivery received an equally impassioned response from the audience. “The war in Iraq is wrong, it betrays the promise of America when it tortures innocent and guilty alike, when it turns our citizen-soldiers into torturers,” Kane said. “The war in Iraq is wrong, it betrays the notion of America when it means that there is no money or will to help the homeless people of New Orleans, Louisiana and Mississippi. “The war in Iraq is wrong, it overturns the promise of America when it wiretaps Americans and plays fast and loose with our civil rights.” It is wrong, she said, when “it pollutes and corrupts the dream of America, when it kills some 37,000 Iraqi citizens, when it burns and breaks and wounds the bodies of children, when it takes the lives of over 2,400 American women and men, and wounds and maims thousands more.”
Getting up and speaking at an on-campus political rally is risky business in today's academic environment where right-wing students and ideologues conspire to drive liberalism -- and free thought -- out of academia. I taught composition at UM and was constantly made aware that students who objected to my politics might register a complaint if I brought up controversial topics in class. I know Katie Kane: she is a fearless critic of institutionalized thinking and a firecracker. And she's kick-*ss. So if you're a student at UM drop by her office in the Liberal Arts building and flash her the peace sign or give her the thumbs up. Let her know she did the right thing.
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