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What else did Bush know? He knew Saddam did not pose a threat to the United States... Conservatives want pay-by-channel cable – and I agree with them! Especially considering who’s against it. Another article suggesting U.S. concern about Iran has to do with its selling of oil for Euros instead of Dollars. Missouri legislators consider violating the First Amendment by establishing a state religion. Press Think releases its report on the top blogging newspapers in the U.S.! I haven’t had time to look it over yet; let me know what you find. New Gallup poll: 2 of 3 Americans want US out of Iraq; 59% say Bush “can no longer manage the government effectively.” Now if we can only keep him away from the little red button until he’s out on the curb... Hiding copies of The Stranger to protect the kiddies... More propaganda churned out by the government – this time they’re using bloggers! (A good reason to distrust anyone who says they still support Bush...)
Great links touchstone.

I definitely agree with the pay by channel cable, I've been saying it for years. I'd love to have a few channels on cable, but I'm not going to pay a hundred bucks a month for a bunch of mind rot. Hell, I don't even know any religious people that would pay for the preachers, no wonder they hate the idea. I wonder what they'd say if the porno channels were included in basic cable too, that'd make 'em hollar wouldn't it? hehehehe

As far as the selling oil for euros thing? Why do you think we REALLY invaded Iraq? Saddam was doing the same thing. Truth be told it's probably the whole reason for 9/11, there's plenty of evidence that the whole thing was a set up.

I'd like to see that thing in Missouri go to the Supreme Court, actually I'd like to see it laughed out of the legislature, but if it passes I'd like to see it go to the Supreme Court. If the SCOTUS upholds something as unconstitutional as that, then I can't see how anyone could be dim enough to still believe in this government, not even the ragingest of the raging right wingers.

Love the propaganda story too, I wonder how many of us are going to be "contacted"? I'm sure that there is at least some good going on over there, I know there is because I've known several people that have been there, but that doesn't change the fact that we have no real reason for being there in the first place. At least no real reason that they're telling us about anyway.

Really dig the link posts, it's a great idea, keep it up!
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