Tuesday, March 07, 2006



Dep’t of the insane: Domino’s Pizza founder, Tom Monaghan, wants to build a town based entirely on Roman Catholic principles, to be named “Ave Maria.” I’m not making that up. Dep’t of English Lit: David Horowitz’ new book gets a whuppin’. Dep’t of Homeland Secuirty: Apparently you are suspected of terrorism if you pay off your credit card debt... Dep’t of Military: An update to Wonkette’s post about being filtered out of US military servers in Iraq. Apparently the right-wingers are still getting through. Dep’t of psychology: Gay-prevention therapy harming teens. (Any news on fundamentalist-prevention programs?) Dep’t of violent rape fantasy: Okay, you’ve read who South Dakota state representative, Bill Napoli, should be exempt from his abortion law. (Think Christian teenage virgin viciously gang raped and sodomized.) Now you can listen! Remember, folks, this is the guy who wants to control your bodies. Dep’t of the Oscars: “F[*]ck the heartland. It doesn't exist. It's a metaphor for all the simple good things Americans would believe in if they flattered themselves by believing in simple good things.” Dep’t of the obvious: “Bloggers are more transparent than mainstream media.
The credit card story is totally whacked.

J.C. Penney's (a Republican donor)is out about $125.00 per month now because those people decided to pay their debt instead of paying to service their debt.

Why wouldn't Homeland Security be interested in that?
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