Wednesday, March 08, 2006



Shocker: A new book written by two San Francisco Chronicle reports claims Barry Bonds used steroids. If the bad publicity weren’t enough, he could be facing charges. More on right-wing children’s book propagandist, Katharine DeBrecht. Schweitzer endorses an initiative to have 25 percent of the country’s energy stem from renewable resources. Time kicks Eddie Van Halen’s *ss. Ugh. Double ugh. Why the Hollywood crowd didn’t like Jon Stewart. CNN sends a clear message on where it stands on the “Patriot” Act. James Michael Brown, a U.S. soldier on leave from Iraq in Italy, handcuffed, beat, and raped a woman vaginally and anally and “left her to wander the streets naked in search for help.” His sentence was reduced by the Italian court because of the “prolonged psychological stress” he endured in Iraq. GOP rolls over. And they say Dems are spineless. The Daily Muck discovers Burns’ telecomm connections. Welcome to our world. Did you the Pentagon prohibits using active military members in partisan political meetings? Um...maybe someone should let Bush know... Here’s the Vanity Fair article about Abramoff (.pdf) that has some juicy Burns’ tidbits...more on this later.
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