Thursday, March 09, 2006



Fourth Amendment luggage tape! Make ‘em cut through the Constitution to search your property. Inexperienced Bush crony given a key role to safeguard our nation’s security. Packing that van for Canada... But don’t worry! The Dept. of Homeland Security has created a religious center to protect us fundamentalists? Could 2006 sink the foul Moonie-controlled hack sheet, The Washington Times? Digby’s take on Abramoff is, as always, worth the read. The UAE threatens to stop buying US stuff. Like Boeing planes and Apache helicopters... Hm, was there some sort of deal in place? Clay Aiken’s gay fans (“Claymates”) sent a letter of complaint to the FCC, “charging Aiken’s record company with ‘collusion to misrepresent’ Aiken as a clean-cut heterosexual. (Heck, this might deserve its own post!)
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