Friday, March 10, 2006



The Last Best Place got its hands on the menu of the Abramoff-owned restaurant that Burns staffers treated like their own cafeteria. Woman fired for displaying an Air America bumper sticker on her car. And you think we have it rough in Missoula. Maryland ditches touch-screen voting machines. Viva democracy! Justice O’Connor slams the GOP for judicial interference. And we’ve just replaced her with a guy who salivates over the prospect of executive authority. Joshua Micah Marshall has more on the “Fancy Ford” attack website, with links to other bloggers’ reactions. Now we know why Murdoch bought Louisiana Republican distributes essay charging “welfare-pampered blacks” with waiting for government help to save them from Hurricane Katrina. Between this, the “Fancy Fred” site, and North Carolina Republican congressional candidate Vernon Robinson’s commercial, there’s a pattern emerging...
In Montana, employers can't fire you for a bumper sticker. In Colorado, a Coors driver got fired for drinking a Miller at a bar. It might have been vice versa. Either way, ridiculous. People shouldn't have to live in fear of their employers when they're off the clock or dealing with their own property.
The racism theme has migrated all the way to the outer edges here

1. Race does not "entitle" anyone to anything. Whether your ancestors were landed gentry or slaves, get over it. That was then, this is now. Everybody faces challenges. Suck it up.

"If you are black, realize that there is something to be said for the white puritan ethic of hard work and sacrifice as a means of improving your future."

From this :

this one has a lot of intensity about blacks underperforming and unrightly demanding a fair education:
anon: that's disturbing. ugh. it seems like this attitude is only publically voiced on the fringes, but it seems to be creeping into the mainstream..
Wow, I'm a racist? Did either of you clowns actually READ anything on my blog?

I want to empower all people (including and, perhaps especially blacks) to take it upon themselves to better themselves and their lives. If that is a 'fringe'
idea, then I guess I'll happily be on the fringe.

Too often, in my view, past discrimination is used as an excuse to not try too hard today.

That being said, I recognize that there are dramatic challenges faced by those locked in abject poverty, and that racism is alive and well in the world.

Having courts run schools is never the best answer.
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