Wednesday, March 15, 2006



The New York Review of Books has a great essay by Paul Krugman and Robin Wells on the health care crisis. Their solution? Oh, what’s obvious to everyone except for DC politicians: a single-payer healthcare system. Why are we in Iraq? Ask a hundred people, get a hundred answers. Another reason to dislike Republicans. A Texas father refuses to pay for his son’s college education because he’s a Democrat. In Montana Republicans won’t pay for anyone to go to college. (PS – The son is raising college funds on the ‘Net. Support him!) Yes, Montana’s Democratic Senator favored censuring the president....president Clinton, that is. Congratulations to Sen. Baucus for cowering in the face of principle. Law & Order to air an episode involving a corrupt lobbyist, Indian casinos, a mysterious murder, and congressmen. Sounds like a trailer for the upcoming Abramoff sentencing... The ReddHedd’s beautiful and comprehensive rant on the incompetence, flip-flopping, lies and other sordid behavior of the administration and its Iraq “policy.” The FBI is monitoring anti-war activists. Hm, between my days as a student in East Germany and living in Moscow, my anti-war activities, my correspondence with an Arab-American writer, and my outspoken opposition to the Bush administration on this site, what are the chances I have a file? Kevin Drum has a nice post about a new book exploring the relationship of the US South and the GOP.
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