Thursday, March 16, 2006



Ed Kemmick found a great April Fools’ article in the Billings Gazette’s vaults, in which the sports writers conjured up new mascots for 180 Montana high schools. Like the Drummond “Bugle Corps,” the Shelby “Comin’ Round the Mountain,” and (my favorite) the Colstrip “Searches.” Oops, I thought we were fighting terrorists. But apparently we’re at war with journalists. Speaking of traitor-journalists, Keith Olberman appeared on the Colbert Report, and Al Franken appeared on Letterman. Hilarity ensues. Speaking of Olberman, he does a segment on the FBI’s program to spy on domestic anti-war groups. Fascinating interview with Alan Moore, the creator of “V is for Vendetta.” Wulfgar! found a funny/scary prank call to a Mississippi NASCAR fan about introducing an African-American driver to the circuit. Apparently the NASCAR fan doesn’t support the Democratic party. Suit up your inner warrior in the war against lust! Missouri bans dispensing birth control from county clinics. It’s amazing how fast these things go, isn’t it?
Regarding Pam's exposition, I'd really like to know why it's only young men who must gird themselves in the "codpiece of holy and painful constriction". Shouldn't young women be urged to arm themselves as well? I'm starting to think this might be a good post, but I promise to point back here.
No need to post back here; I didn't say anything clever about the piece.

There's no need for women to gird themselves; there are plenty of men out there ready to do it for them. (See the South Dakota legislature.)

I have no problem with people "girding themselves against lust." I have problems with people girding others.
My post is up, good friend.
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