Friday, March 17, 2006



Warning: Reading today's links is guaranteed to make you angry. Several times over. Crooks & Liars has video of Jon Stewart catching the president in a blantant lie trying to drum up action against Iran. New West – Missoula has the latest on UM Space Center investigation. You may want to sit down for this bit of shocking news: Burns, Rehberg involved. A great first-hand account of reporting in Baghdad soon to be published in The New York Review of Books. Seven-year-old girl “unofficially” banned from reading her poetry in her school district because its black militant message is deemed “a little too aggressive for what the middle-school kids are ready to handle.” Is it like Bush to appoint someone with a long history of environmental degradation as the Secretary of the Interior? Hell, yeah! And Wonkette gives us a pic of Kempthorne with Spuddy Buddy. Heck, naming Kempthorne Sec’y of the Interior is like appointing a union-busting management lackey to a high-ranking OSHA position. Philip K Dick’s “Minority Report”: New York City cops recognize a good idea when they see it. Meet the Orwellian term, “proactive arrests”. Tom Cruise pressures Comedy Central to cancel South Park’s scientology episode. (Parker/Stone as 4&20 heroes?)
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