Monday, March 20, 2006



Blogenlust on “Operation Bullsh—, ” oops! I mean “Swamer.” Michigan requires that any woman who wants an abortion must have an ultrasound and be given an image of the fetus. Whiny children grow up to be conservative. Do we need any more reason why we shouldn’t let conservatives adopt? Digby, as usual, nails it: First he thinks the Iraqi invasion has weakened our national security. And then he agrees with Kristol, who said, “You don't get into politics only to play at issues where you already have public opinion on your side.” YouTube has the banned South Park Scientology episode up and running. Take a look and report back! An Ohio university bomb scare was sparked by a band’s promotional sticker that read “This bike is a pipe bomb.” University authorities are charging the owner with “inciting panic.” BoingBoing’s update on the Subgenius child custody case. (Blood...boiling...must...not...smash...) Puff Daddy, er, P-Diddy, er Sean Puffy Combs, er Sean Diddy Combs releases a new fragrance: “Unforgivable.” I do not want to smell this.
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