Tuesday, March 21, 2006



Homeland security agents pose as Fox News journalists. Not a bad idea. In fact, Fox News should skip the middleman and have the government write their stories for them Let’s make it official! Let’s start calling right-wing Christian fundamentalists the “Ameri-ban” and watch Dave Budge’s panties twist! Crooks and Liars has posted the 60 Minutes segment on the government’s attempt to suppress evidence of global warming. Hm. I wonder if I write “DCIDC.CIFA.MIL” in my blog, I’ll get a visit from the CIA, too? I’ll keep you posted. Oooo, the South Park plot thickens! Was Isaac Hayes’ departure from the show the result of a Scientologist plot? The Existentialist Cowboy weighs in how the right wing has “screwed up our language.” Donald Rumsfield is bothered by democracy.
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