Wednesday, March 22, 2006



Tired of hearing only South Park’s view of the Scientologists’ universe? Check out the “Children’s Scientology Pagaent.” Intelligent Discontent is keeping up with the Senate race so I don’t have to: (1) Burns goon, Jason Klindt’s reaction to Bob Keenan filing for Burns’ seat. (2) Wingnuts against Burns. (3) And the latest gossip about Burns and the possibility of him dropping out... Meanwhile there’s a House race on and Wulfgar! really likes the Democratic candidate, Monica Lindeen. Blogenlust notes the new trend of newspapers hiring inexperienced right-wing bloggers to balance “liberal” views. Apparently facts are now “liberal.” Like the fact that things in Iraq are actually worse than they appear. Which didn’t stop Bush from lying about the reason he invaded Iraq or whipping his straw men. More on the WaPo’s new wingnut blogger: Digby notes his daddy works for the White House. The Daily Kos has a stunning indictment of the wingnut and a link where you can register your disgust. The IRS considers a regulation to allow accountants and other tax-return workers to sell your tax returns to “marketers and data brokers.” Just when you thought the GOP couldn’t get any worse... I hate to appear to be a left-wing elitist snob, but ugh! Look at the crap “Duke” Cunningham bought with his bribe money! BoingBoing reports on a law regarding obscenity and the Internet: “Online sexual materials is obscene if any community in US objects.” This law could probably affect more than porn: think information about contraceptives or STDs, not to mention art and literature. Last, but not least, the video “Apocalypse Pooh.”
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