Thursday, March 23, 2006



Scientists’ test results finally likely to get old white male politicians interested in global warming. Gerik found a cool color-coded map representing Bush’s approval rating over the last year. Watch the country go from pink (favorable rating) to blue (unfavorable rating)! Warning: gazing at the map may be addictive. Runner-up “hero”: the Billings Gazette for speaking out against the war. But then I realized it’s kind of pathetic to reward somebody for realizing now what was obvious 3 years ago. Another runner-up “hero”: South Dakota tribal leader, Cecilia Fire Thunder, vows to open an abortion clinic on tribal lands. She’s runner-up mainly because I already posted today’s Hero. Joe Lieberman is cracking up! BTW, he blames bloggers. Yay, us! News of the weird: an American set off two bombs in Bolivia. You think I was harsh on Bush? Check this out: “A vicious, core-less, rudderless dry-drunk who simply cannot function in power without acres of cotton-batting yes-men and reality-dampers to giving him a nice, fat, soft cushion against The Real.” Russ Feingold rocks the house on The Daily Show. Digby, as always, nails it. Feingold’s censure movement was a good thing to do. Democrats need to be agressive.
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