Friday, March 24, 2006



Coach K will eat your child. Are all the Bush brothers a pack of corrupt incompetents? (Be sure to check out the video of Pierce Bush, the president’s nephew, who manages to make his uncle look like a genius.) South Park kills off “Chef.” Take that, Scientology! It’s official: airport security sucks. So why do we have to knuckle under an arbitrary, time-consuming process while the president gets to break whatever inconvenient law he sees? New York state Attorney General candidate, Sean Maloney, is campaigning on a platform to challenge Dinky’s warrantless wiretapping of New York citizens. Online RPG, “Roma Victor,” crucifies players who exhibit bad game behavior. Weird. Yet compelling... IMAX censors the word “evolution” from its movies. In a recent poll, Americans are shown to prefer Muslims to atheists. South Dakotans: take back your uterus! Even Krauthammer thinks it’s a civil war in Iraq.
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