Monday, March 27, 2006



You see what I mean about anti-abortionists? Here’s a “Monument to Pro-Life” on display in Brooklyn, New York. It’s a sculpture of a nude Britney Spears giving birth. Attention, women readers: this is how anti-abortionists want you. Does anyone still doubt that Republicans are the party of money? While Bush’s approval rating is in the 30s and Cheney’s in the teens, they still manage to raise millions in funds. I guess somebody likes the job they’re doing. Pogie’s first (and last, we hope) annual “GOP Mouthpiece” contest. Do you have what it takes to ride point for Conrad Burns? Forty-nine percent of New Yorkers believe “some of our leaders knew in advance attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001, and consciously failed to act.” Forty-nine percent! You think Bush has credibility problems in New York? And why do people have a problem with the Bush administration? Maybe it’s because they value profit over security. No, I’m not rehashing the port-Dubai deal. I’m talking security at chemical plants. Speedkill on Montana’s Constitutional Party. What is it with radical conservatives? Why do they always give their organizations and legislation names opposite than what it actually means? A better name for these people would be “Citizens for American Theocracy.” Or “Wingnuts for War.” Or... NPR is muscling in on Conrad Burns. See its full-length feature on our dipstick Senator and his dirty business. Will the fun never end? Stanislaw Lem died. He’s most well known in this country for having written “Solaris,” the novel that was turned into a mediocre movie. But like many other Soviet-era science fiction writers, his work was actually subversive in a culture where the only fiction that could criticize was heavily cloaked in allegory. Check out his short stories... Flathead man kills six at a Seattle house party. I know this is something the local television news would lead with, but...why? Why did this guy to Seattle with a truckload of guns and ammunition?
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