Tuesday, March 28, 2006



The Brittney sculpture/monument to “pro-life” was so popular with 4&20 readers yesterday, I’m posting it again! In fact, the link got me some new visitors, like the person searching Google for “nude teen.” Ed Kemmick’s hilarious take on President Bush’s “aw shucks” act yesterday when talking to Montana voters. The commenters over in Seattle’s The Stranger blog are debating whether all Montanans are naturally violent, or just the one guy who shot a bunch of people at a Capitol Hill party. White House shakeup about six years too late. Andrew Card resigns. This a cool story about mobilizing for a mass rally: Spanish-language DJs helped get 500,000 L.A. protesters to march against recent House immigration legislature. College student spends 41 hours in a WalMart as an expirament. Of what? (Hat tip to Blogenlust.) Plastic on Club Libby Lu, which hosts parties for little girls, treating them like pop divas, including “slutty catwalk modeling.” The timeline of everything...that happened in movies. Um...these people need to find something better to do with their time.
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