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Okay, this is yesterday’s news, but another British memo reinforces the fact that the Bush administration had planned to go to war all along. Recovering liberal: “There is no room in America for Hate.” 4&20 blackbirds: “Not familiar with U.S. history, eh?” Budge found an interesting article criticizing the Bush administration’s attempts at sweeping societal change, which, according to Budge is very un-conservative-like. Guess he hasn’t been paying attention to the fundamentalist Christian movement. And I’d argue that the left I know isn’t interested in massive societal change, but is interested in protecting individual liberty, maintaining Constitutional law, and checking the power of the alliance of corporate and government power. Homeland security protects the country, er pharmaceutical stopping the flow of prescription drugs into the US from Canada. Alec Baldwin disses Sean Hannity, on air! Crooks and Liars has the feed for you. MadTV has been doing some awesome political satire. Dump SNL! If you don’t believe me, check out “Bush Slump.” Tom Delay whines about how Christians don’t get enough respect. Give me a break. I’m with John: “after dominating all three branches of government and encompassing 80% of the population,” what more is there to do for Christians? BoingBoing reports that Iran is censoring blogs with US filtering software. So capitalism leads to freedom? Um...when?
I didn't use the word "conservative" anywhere but followed Dr. Sowell's thread of "unconstrained vision" verses "constrained vision"

But must needs be careful when using the word "conservative" inasmuch as it has lost any real context in colloquial terms. There are social conservative, which I have roundly and often criticized for their moralism (although I contend that comparing them to the Taliban depreciates the understanding of the truly vile nature of the Taliban) and neocconservatives, that I have also criticized as was the nature of my post, and then paloe conservative (ala Pat Buchanan - worth criticizing too) and libertarians (ala Barry Goldwater, although not a pure libertarian.)

That said, the "unconstrained vision" is antithetical to the modern conservative movement ala Bill Buckley and Russell Kirk. When I think of conservatism that 's what I think of and I must remind myself that the common usage differs from my understanding.

Just to clear things up.
Thanks for the clarification. And you're welcome for the plug!
One more thing. When you say the "Left isn;t interested in massive social change how do you define social change? It seems to me issues like "economic equality" (as opposed to econmic liberty) are social change and well outside the Constitution.
I'm not interested in "economic equality" and I don't know any liberal who is. The only "equality" I'm interested in having to do with economics is in opportunity. That is, I'd like to remove the barriers that keep people down, like inequal education, e.g.
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