Thursday, March 30, 2006



Abramoff sentenced: five years, ten months. Anybody want to start the over/under on Burns? From the archives: The Stranger claims that liberalism should be an urban movement. How do you explain Montana’s shift to the Democrats? I’m with John Cole on immigration: seems like amnesty is the obvious, practical solution. Red State’s “Crank” reminds us that one Democrat (versus zero Republicans) has been convicted of illegally wiretapping a political opponent. Two observations. (1) The key word is “convicted.” (2) Notice no Democrat is blathering on about how the Congressman should be above the law. Bush blames Saddam Hussein for sectarian violence in Iraq. Uh, Mr. President? We captured Saddam a while back... New Iraq war documentary premiering at the Tribeca Film festival. What’s cool, is that it was shot by the troops themselves. Follow the links for clips. Good stuff. Sirota thinks the free trade pushed on other countries by the WTO actually makes some countries poorer. Ankle-Biting Pundits heard a rumor that Card resigned to work on Masssachusetts governor Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. Krauthammer replies to neo-con defector, Fuyukama. Matt Singer and Jon Tester get a little love over at the Daily Kos. The Daily Kos also thinks Lamont is for real, not just a byproduct of the blogosphere. Jane at Firedoglake weighs in on the “monument to pro-life”: “who thought a statue of some erstwhile Hooters hostess lying spread-eagle on a bearskin rug with a kid’s head popping out of her cooter was a tribute to anything but velvet Elvis high camp?”
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