Friday, March 24, 2006


McDonald quits over failed promise; party not likely to accept his resignation

Chairman of the Montana Democratic Party, Dennis McDonald, announced his resignation Thursday. Why? Because he left four seats unfilled in the upcoming state legislation slate for the 2006 race. He had promised to fill them all.
"When you say you are going to do something, you get it done. I committed myself to filling them all. I didn't quite make it," McDonald said. "I am sorry for Montana families, farmers and ranchers," he said, "but when you commit to roping a calf by two legs, you got to do it."
Of course what McDonald doesn't mention is that getting 96 state House candidates and 25 state Senate candidates was a record for Montana Democrats. Our Montana right-wing bloggers were thrown for a loop, and saw internal conflict and conspiracy at work:
BigSky thinks he quit because the Montana Democrats are out of touch with Montana families, farmers and ranchers and the party has brought in so many folks from back east (mudslingers, hired guns) that Mr. McDonald no longer can stomach it.
I can understand why. That's the way their candidates operate. Republican operatives don't understand that an honest man might offer to take responsibility for his actions and quit over a failed promise. They have been jaded by their own candidates' corruption. They have watched their party flog the state and federal governments for personal gain for so long that they forget what civic duty actually entails. The gossip in Democratic circles is that McDonald quit precisely for the reasons he stated. They also say that Schweitzer and Baucus will insist he stay on the job.
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