Thursday, March 09, 2006


Missoula Air America not dead yet

In this week's Missoula Independent, the newspaper staff reports that a group headed by former news director Lesley Lotto and biofuel pioneer David Max are trying to round up investors to re-launch Air American in Missoula.
Max says a new website ( will serve as a support hub for interested individuals and businesses. Meanwhile Max, who says he and other investors are looking to launch the idea, is researching the availability of frequencies. Most likely, he says, an existing station that’s not performing well may be persuaded to change its format to capture the respectable ratings KNS garnered in its short-lived run.
Those of you who miss the station can now help out. (Like giving some web-design tips to Lotto and Max.) It's a popular format for this area and can't fail. With enough support, we can bring Air American back from the dead!
Franken says he wants to be back on the air in Missoula, and he’s seen people make it happen other places. In Portland, Maine, when managers threatened to pull the Air America affiliate station, locals held marches and protests, Franken says, and the station ultimately remained on the air. “If people would organize and let it be known that they want a station in Missoula, I think it can happen,” he said.

Hi touchstone, would you do me a favor please?

Would you try to find out what would be necessary to get a signal strong enough to reach the Flathead area like the one NPR has and find out what we in the Flathead Valley could do to assist in that effort?

I did the the chance to hear Air America in my car once, unfortunately the signal was very bad and did not carry any further than Muralts Truck Stop.

We want Air America in Kalispell!
I'll get on it, Grans!
neat blog! FYI, listeners and fans of the station have spearheaded this! I'm just a 'hangeron'!
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