Thursday, March 16, 2006


Montana wins!

Montana 87, Nevada 79! Yahoo's Dan Wetzel is blogging semi-live from the tournament. Here are his comments about the Montana game:
Valued reader Samuel Moreau checked in and offered this about my column this morning about a bar in Montana and the NCAA tournament: Your article about the M&M in Butte totally made me homesick. I grew up in Montana and spent a number of drunken nights in the M&M during college. Nice work. You captured it perfectly. Go Griz! Considering the University of Montana is almost a two-hour drive from the M&M, you have to respect a college kid willing to travel to drink there. [snip] Nevada–Montana is coming up next, a round of drinks on Grizzly Adams at the M&M. Montana is a 12-seed, Nevada is a five. But even if Montana wins, it will hardly seem like an upset. Nevada deserves its seed and all, they are a tough team, but a five-seed should always be one of those bumbling SEC or Big Twelve teams, not another mid-major... [snip] By the way, I was not celebrating drinking and driving when I said I respected the guy who went to college in Montana for driving two hours to go to a bar. I assume he stayed in Butte that night. [snip] The M&M has got to be rocking out there in Butte. Montana 23, Nevada 14. Who knows if it keeps up, but a couple of those Grizzly power forwards look like they could fell a tree with one swing. I didn't think they deserved a 12-seed but maybe they'll prove they earned it. [snip] Meanwhile, Montana is carrying a 40-33 lead into the half and if they could ever figure out how to stop Nevada's Kemp, who has 17 of his team's first 31 points, they'd be fine. Montana was just physically tougher than Nevada in the first half. [snip] At the Nevada–Montana game someone held up the following sign: "Grizzly 1,300 pounds, Wolf 70 pounds. No contest." Someone spent time writing that out? And then carrying into a stadium? And someone at CBS decided to show it? [snip] Meanwhile Montana is holding off Nevada but it is getting close, 66-60. Something tells me the Wolfpack are going to pull this out … [snip] Montana, meanwhile, is proving my short panic attack wrong. They are about to finish off Nevada and set off a strong night of partying at the M&M, not to mention Missoula. Since the place doesn't close, we are hoping everyone will be ready for the second round game against Boston College on Saturday. The beauty of the NCAA tournament is that a little, out of the way state such as Montana has a team representing it competing for the championship. Five more wins and the trophy is yours.
Sweet! We're a "little, out of the way state"!
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