Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Tester calls for Burns' resignation

Today, Jon Tester posted a call on his website for Conrad Burns to resign his senate seat:
Here in Montana, honesty matters. It’s my firm belief that if you can’t keep your word to the people, you can’t keep your office. That’s why I called for Conrad Burns to resign from the U.S. Senate today.
Good for Tester to make this bold statement now. I'd like to see this grow into a buzz across the state: why isn't Burns resigning? (Come to think of it...why isn't Burns resigning?) Don't get me wrong. I don't want Burns to resign. He's the best thing to happen to Montana Democrats since...well...Judy Martz. Anyhoo, here's another nugget from Tester:
The trouble is, Montanans can’t run from Conrad’s record either. The worst thing about Conrad Burns’ behavior is that while Jack Abramoff got everything he wanted, average Montanans had to do without what we need: affordable health care, a sensible plan for energy independence, and a government in Washington we can trust.
Update: Dang! Matt Singer scooped me by 45 minutes! The Daily Kos by twenty minutes! Sorry for the old news.
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