Friday, March 17, 2006


This American Life: "Habeus Schmabeus"

If you haven't listened to the show, "Habeus Schmabeus," run -- don't walk -- over to This American Life and give it a listen. Ira Glass and the gang do their usual outstanding job of putting human faces to big stories. And this story is big. The program is about the detention of terrorist "suspects" at Guantamano Bay. What's apparent, as the show unfolds with interviews with detainees' lawyers and former detainees, is that the Bush administration has made a terrible mistake: many -- maybe most -- detained at Guantamano are not terrorists. Because the administration has suspended or ignores the right of "habeus corpus" -- the right for the accused to confront the accuser before an impartial judge -- these men have no legal recourse to plead their case. And the administration is breaking the law by denying them this basic right, this foundation of Western law. Give it a listen.
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